Tips for Planting Roses

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  • Rose bushes can be planted anytime but the most optimal time is in the spring after the last frost or in the fall before the first frost.
  • If you plant your rose bushes early enough in the fall it will give the roots time to establish before they go dormant for the winter.
  • Rose bushes should not be planted when the ground is frozen, during a drought or when the ground is water logged.
  • When planting rose bushes the planting hole needs to be deep and wide enough for the plants roots and have good drainage to keep the soil from being too wet.
  • Fill the hole partially with soil mixture and a slow release fertilizer. Water this mixture thoroughly then use the remaining soil to fill the hole.
  • If you plant several rose bushes ensure they are at least 3 feet apart to give them enough room to grow as they mature.
  • Make sure to fertilize your rose bushes regularly and keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season.