12-Pod Hydroponics Growing System Kit



  • This Hydroponic Germination Kit is great for beginners, novice and expert gardeners.  No soil, sunlight or tools are needed.  
  • This hydroponic garden has room for 12 individual pods with an adjustable LED lamp, 24 seedling covers, 6 pos covers, 24 planting baskets, 24 seedling blocks, 24 label stickers and nutrient solutions.
  • This extra large 4 liter grower box features a built in circulating pump to stimulate healthy growth of seeds, seedlings, roots and stems throughout all weather and seasonal conditions.  This set includes green silicone pod covers and integrated tank hole for fast drainage.  It also has easy water changing and reliable protection against algae, disease, insects and other threats.
  • This all natural growing process enables herbs, ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits to flourished without the need for harmful chemicals or genetically modified organisms.
  • This hydroponic garden is portable and compact. 
  • The overhead lamp has a built in fan and red, blue, white and IR light beads which mimics outdoor breeze and sunlight to help the growing process. While the smart settings deliver optimal lighting duration and intensity according to plant type the telescoping arm adjusts from 9.75” to 15.2” so you can continue to warm plants as they mature and grow.
  • Comes complete with all the essentials you need to grow multiple crops.