2 Pack 60" Garden Trellis




  • You can assemble this trellis to use its normal ring cage, or just use vertical poles to line up in a row. And you can also adjust its height, from the shortest one ring to the highest four. 
  • This trellis is made of durable iron and the surface is covered with non-fading black plastic coating for weather and rust protection and can be used outdoors or indoors for climbing plant trellis, potted plant trellis, flower trellis etc.
  • This garden trellises structure is simple with easy to follow instructions ad no tools needed.
  • This garden trellis can be  can be adjusted to 32, 48 or 60 inches.
  • This garden trellis can help the growth of several vertical climbing plants such as jasmine, beans, or roses. this design ensures that your plant’s fruit and leaves won’t weigh down the stems.