21 Pod Automated Hydroponics System



  • This is the smart 4-in-1 automated smart hydroponic system which combine auto-filling water, auto-adding nutrients, auto-LED light and auto-cycling pump in a system. It’s an easier, smarter, and more effortless way of growing, which will redefine the standard of the urban gardening life and hydroponic system.
  • This can be your super butler to take good care of the plants for you. It is designed up to 3 water pumps and 2 water level sensors, which can automatically replenish water and nutrients when a water shortage is detected. You will no longer need to worry about your plants when you are traveling, it will provide a balanced water & nutrients environment for your plants. PS: The water tank on the picture is not included.
  • Not only directly control by a 4.8-inch dynamic display screen, but also support remotely control by LetPot APP that keeps you informed about the state of your plants anytime and anywhere. The dynamic display screen can show the water and the brightness level of your garden easily.
  • Land is no longer the necessary condition for planting, LPH-Max has 21 planting pods, which is the most number of pods compared with the same type of product on the market. Compared to the soil-culture, plants that grow in the nutrients water will be faster and cleaner. With a 9-level full-spectrum LED system, which helps to grow plants 40% faster than the traditional ways.
  • The LED system supports two planting modes for fruits & flowers and veggies & herbs, which include White, Blue and Red LED growing lights, providing 2 mixed-light growing modes based on your plant’s needs.With the adjustable pole, it can also meet the growth stages of different plants. And the stainless steel exterior is durable and easy to care for. All products come with 1 year quality guarantee.