50ft Expandable Garden Hose



  • This 50 ft expandable garden hose comes with a 10 functional safety nozzle.  The rubberized outer coating is non-slip and comfortable. Rotating bezel for easy choosing kind of nozzle. Buckle stent for uninterrupted use.   Comfortable  handgrip for effortless operation. 
  • This expanding water hose uses a high-density double-layer latex core and a powerful 3300D polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. It can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 41℉-113℉. 
  • This 50ft hose comes with solid 3/4 inches connectors, they will not rust, leak or crack, and this garden hose design for long-term use. 
  • This garden hose expands from 17 feet to 50 feet in length. This garden hose can expand 3 times to its original hose length when water pressure is on, and shrinks to original pipe length in minutes when it’s off.