Black Knight Butterfly 3 Gallon



  • This Black Knight Butterfly Bush is Extremely Low Maintenance, Rabbit Resistant, and Drought Tolerant. Once Planted You Can Set It and Forget It Besides the Occasional Watering!
  • The Purple Conical Flower Heads Have a Sweet Honey Like Fragrance, Adding a Lovely Aroma to Any Space They’re Planted In!
  • The sweet scent from the flowers Attracts Butterflies, Bees, Hummingbirds, and Other Pollinators to Your Landscape
  • This Black Knight Butterfly Bush Grows to 6-10 Feet Tall, and Can Reach That Height in 2 Growing Seasons!
  • The Purple Flowers Will Bring Bright Bursts of Color to Shrub Borders, Foundation Plantings, Gardens, or Any Landscape