Cast Iron Hardwood Garden Bench




  • This cast iron hardwood bench measures 49.5″ × 20.5″ × 29″
  • This bench seats 2-3 medium sized adults holding weight up to 470 pounds
  • This bench is well painted cast iron of the structure, has solid wood slats for the seat and backrest frame, and PVC for the backrest pattern, this garden bench does not rust easily and will last a long time
  • All four bench legs are evenly stressed, and by using high strength cast iron, the legs are solid and firm. There are multiple flat iron supports added to the seat and structure to effectively improve overall load bearing and make it more secure and stable.
  • This bench has selected stainless steel hardware, the connections between bench parts are strong. The bench is of fine workmanship that the structure are polished with rounded edges and seat parts are handled with smooth surface for safety