Dorman Red Raspberry Plant



  • You will receive healthy bare root plants. 
  • You will see growth within 3 weeks.
  • The most important part of planting these plants is to make sure you have at least 30% sand mixed into the soil.
  • Our bare-root raspberry plants will not arrive with any soil when we ship them to you. The plants will be a dormant cane and healthy root systems. They will be packaged with damp strips of paper to keep the roots from drying out*. As much as they appear to be lifeless, they are actually dormant, which is a necessary resting state that helps with future fruit production. As a bonus, dormant plants experience less transplant shock, so their chances of survival are improved!
  • Raspberry plants are as simple to grow as garden veggies, like tomatoes and peppers, but they go dormant in the fall and winter and come back each spring to bloom and fruit during the summer and fall!
  • The Dorman red raspberry plant is great for the zones 5-9.
  • Dorman produces a large crop of large sweet berries in late spring and early summer.
  • The glossy red fruit grow on tall canes and are good for eating fresh and freezing.