Elberta Peach Tree 2-3 Feet Tall



  • These are starter peach trees.  Deciduous plants do not have leaves in the winter.
  • CALIFORNIA ORDERS WILL BE CANCELLED – This is due to CA state regulations and is beyond our control.
  • Zone: 5-9 / Mature Height: 15′-20′ Spread: 15′-20′ / Growth rate: fast / Full Sun / Bloom: Red
  • Size shipped: 2-3 feet tall bare root in moist sphagnum moss and double boxed for a safe transport.
  • These peach trees are self-pollinating. However, planting 2 or more will significantly increase your fruit yield.
  • With showy, pink flowers in the spring and bearing a large crop midseason. Elberta peaches are firm, with sweet and incredibly juicy fruit. The skin is covered mostly in deep red with a yellow background.
  • These are high-quality, all-purpose freestone peaches – excellent in pies and preserves! This self-fertile variety is very vigorous and fast-growing.
  • Elberta is also frost-hardy and drought resistant, making this variety a great choice for the Midwest and Southeast climates.