Frost-proof Gardenia Plant



  • This frost-proof gardenia is shipped in a 1 gallon pot with easy to use plant food and features deep green, spindle leaves with fragrant white  flowers appearing every spring-summer
  • This gardenia shrub features a pleasant aroma during blooming season.  The frost proof gardenia offers an intoxicating scent to your home landscape or garden
  • These Frost proof gardenias love the sun and would prefer a spot in the landscape that receives full sun exposure and partial shade throughout the day — perfect for planting in mulch beds along the front entryway, next to mailboxes or benches, or in fragrant gardens!
  • Mature Height: 5 ft | mature width: 4 ft with narrow, shrub-like branching that Sprouts deep green foliage and fragrant, White flowers in spring
  • This gardenia is easy to maintain in the landscape, no pruning necessary to keep shape, deer resistant and will rely on rainfall for hydration