Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants



  • This Large Garden Trellis measures L: 4Feet, H: 6Feet, W: Adjustable(0 to 6Feet )
  • Made of Anti-Rust Steel with Polyethylene-Coating , the Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Outdoor is Waterproof and High Temperature Resistant, and it Can Hold up to 40lbs.
  • This¬†Garden Trellis is Designed for Growing Climbing Plants and Vegetables, it Can be Used as Cucumber, grapes, squash, melon, pole beans. Adjust the Width of the Trellis According to your Needs.
  • The Anti-sliding Texture of Each Tube Makes the Trellis All the More Stable. The Nylon Netting and Plant ties Will Secure and Support the Plants. Legs with Spiked Caps for Easy Soil Penetration.