Golden Barrel Cactus Plant



  • Barrel cacti offer subtle beauty and interest while also being very low maintenance! Barrel cacti look phenomenal in groupings and can handle intense environments such as hot days and moderately cold nights.
  • These live cactus plants add beauty to any room of a home. Barrel cactus are equally happy in decorative pots indoors or planted in the ground. These healthy, high quality cacti make the perfect addition to a bright sun room, quiet office space, or outside in suitable outdoor environments.
  • These landscape ready cacti come bare rooted, making it easy for you to plant as soon as you receive it. Create an impressive look to any residential or commercial establishment and choose from numerous colors and sizes.
  • Invest in beautiful live houseplants like cacti that add vibrance to any space. These cacti are grown in their native habitat.
  • Shipped right to your door, our outdoor and live indoor house plants come packaged in bubble wrap and tape to protect them during their travels.  Our packaging process offers the plants additional protection while planting.