Pink Hydrangea Shrub



  • You will receive 1 fresh Pink Hydrangea Live Plant. When you receive the tree, please take it out and soak it in water for 3-5 hours before planting.
  • This plant is round and looks like a ball from a distance. It is fresh and eye-catching, and many people will raise it. Most of the wood hydrangea are plump and large, with pure red, green and white flowers in the majority. Every May and June, it enters the flowering period. The trees are full of flowers, which are very spectacular. 
  • Even if this plant is exposed to the sun in summer, it will not affect its growth. Therefore, when we plant it, we can choose a sunny place. If the environment is overcast, it will affect the flowering. Hydrangea is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. It can endure 35 ℃ high temperature in summer and – 30 ℃ low temperature in winter.
  • Hydrangea is very good at feeding, but the hydrangea blooms on the new branches, so it needs to be pruned every winter to sprout more new branches to open more flowers; After entering the winter, the leaves of Hydrangea will fall off, which is a normal phenomenon. If it is potted, it is recommended to place it in an environment above minus 5 degrees for maintenance.
  • Pink itself is a romantic color. When you think of pink, you will think of beautiful love and pure love. So pink hydrangea is very suitable for lovers to send each other. Pink hydrangea represents loyalty and eternal love. It can not only be given to lovers on special days, but also often used in wedding decoration.