Red Riding Hood Perennial



  • Mandevilla can grow up to 20 ft or more beautifully invading your trellis, border or arbor. It can also be grown as a hanging plant giving you a colorful and fragrant trumpet-shaped like flowers ”
  • “This perennial does best with full sun but can still tolerate partial shade at least 6 to 8 hrs of sun each day. Plant in a well-drained soil, do not over water and let the soil dry before watering. In winter season only water your plant once a month. ”
  • Use a moderately concentrated organic liquid fertilizer for your plant during its flowering season which starts in the month of April and should be stopped when August month arrive because your plant will enter its resting period. 
  • Cut or trim your plant even once a year during the dry day of the year which can happen during early spring. 
  • Pink flower plant in a 4” inch pot.